About Joel

Joel Bennett began working in the talent development, management, and human resources space in 1995 as a high school teacher and coach. Since then he’s worked in corporate training, organizational development, performance management, human resources, and recruiting, as well as management/leadership consulting and non-profit management.  He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in History & Geography, and an MA in Organization Management from the University of Phoenix.  Joel provides consulting and training for both small and large businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

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About Veel Hoeden

Veel Hoeden is a Dutch phrase meaning “many hats”, something that describes well the role we play for many of our clients.  As a member of the historically Dutch community of Pella, it’s also a nod to our hometown heritage.

Whether it be helping business owners develop their leadership capacity, new supervisors gain the skills they’ll need to manage and lead others, or companies create compelling hiring and onboarding processes, we’re happy to wear many hats to help them be successful.

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Our Clients are Awesome

From Construction to Healthcare, Technology to Social Services, our clients have one thing in common; they are investing in their most valuable asset… People.