Not everything can be an iPhone or Google Glasses… you know, those products that are high tech or high hype, but for many don’t have an immediate application to their daily life.

People like things they can use, and the faster they think they can put it into practice, the more value they attribute to it.  These could be things that save them money, time, or frustration.

Jonah Berger highlights the power of Practical Value in his bookContagious- Why Things Catch On It’s the second “P” in his 6 STEPPS principles for why things catch on.

He has a great example of this that blows me away every time I see it.  Let’s say you like to cook, and one of your favorite foods is fresh corn on the cob.  And when you are browsing around the internet, you find this. Take 2 minutes… and prepare to have your mind blown.

Did you find that amazing?  I know I did.  Do you plan to try that the next time you make corn?  Would you share that video or technique with someone else?  If so, that video practical value… and proves Berger’s point.

I’d love to hear your examples of an idea or product that had such clear practical value that you just had to spread it.  Please use the comments section to share, and include links, if possible.

Do you want to move your message from Common to Contagious? Keep an eye on future posts in this series as we delve into Berger’s 6 STEPPS for why things catch on.

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