So you have  an  idea.  An idea you think it is a pretty good one.  Even great maybe.

I hate to burst your bubble, but at the end of the day, if you want buy-in and acceptance, it’s what others think that matters.

So what does it take to get that idea to catch on?  To become… contagious?

Whether  you’re  trying  to  get  people  to  buy  something you provide, persuade  them  to  do  something,  or  simply  inform  your  audience  about something, one thing is certain—you want it to build momentum and carry itself forward without you having to push it non-stop.

So what if you had the secret to going viral? To start a chain of dominos that would keep falling long into the future?

That’s the whole focus behind Jonah Berger’s book, “Contagious- Why Things Catch On”.  I’ve been fascinated with this book, and I’ve found a ton of nuggets that have changed the way I think about building momentum for the ideas I am trying to promote.  The application of these principles is just as relevant for non-profits, cause promoters, inventors, and ministries as they are for for-profit businesses.

Do you want to move your message from Common to Contagious? Keep an eye on future posts in this series as we delve into Berger’s 6 STEPPS to help things become popular.

Are you looking for help in developing a contagious message?  We can help with that.

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